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June 14, 2005

Yahoo buys

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Posted by Arieanna Foley

To reiterate: Yahoo is moving. Today also announces the Yahoo purchase of The "Y" graphic already appears in my address bar. They move fast. Kudos to Jim Winstead on his sale!

What is A ping infrastructure. More simply - a directory of updated blogs and a series of tools to track them. currently tracks 8,777,904 blogs. According to Scoble, others such as Technorati rely on it. Once services get all connected like this it's difficult to just start one. Acquisition is key.

I can see Yahoo making the run to be a major player in the service convergence trend. Picking up today 2 companies, and not too far back Flickr, is just the start. VoIP. Blogging. Photo sharing. All different services. Now all offered as part of the Yahoo bundle.

Picked up the news from Robert Scoble, who caught its original source by Jim Winstead.

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