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August 23, 2005

Google Talk

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Posted by Stowe Boyd

Since others are buzzing about the new Google instant messaging service ahead of tomorrow's planned release (like Om Malik and Niall Kennedy (who has created a how to)), I thought I would state that, yes, it is running the XMPP protocol (that is to say the Jabber protocol). I have tested it with iChat's Jabber capability. Anyone want to test, I am on the server.

I have been predicting (begging?) for years that Google would come out with an instant messaging system -- although I had presumed it would be based on the Picasa Hello client they already own -- but jumping to Jabber is a really smart move. It sticks a thumb in the eye of AIM, MSN, and Yahoo -- the three market leaders with various closed networks. And it could represent exactly the sort of market destabilization necessary to end the stupid and painful fragmented world that those three have bequeathed us. I am going to get all my contacts to switch to Google Talk as soon as I can.

I have to presume they have embedded Talk functionality for the new Google Desktop tomorrow. I wonder how Nerdvana-like it is?

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1. Seth on August 23, 2005 11:36 PM writes...

There are many Instant message programs out there. Why do we need anouther one? Yet Google does amazing things. This could be something that blows all the other Instant message programs out of the water. I am going to get Google Talk as soon as it comes out. On my local news they said that Google Talk could come out as soon as tomorrow. So we will see. I will make sure I am there when they post it on google.

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