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"I can’t think of anything that demonstrates the sovereign nature of the self better than a blog.” - Doc Searls
About the Author
Stowe Boyd is a well-known media subversive, and an internationally recognized authority on real-time, collaborative and social technologies. His new blog is Message.

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Category Index
Art & Entertainment
AOL releases kit for game developers to integrate AIM and ICQ
It had to happen...
Virtual Property Market Gets Real
CIO.com on Real-Time and USA Today on The Gamer Generation
Won't You Be My Friendster?
IM + Massively Multiplayer Games = Otoy?
Ziff Davis Debuts 1up.com For Online Gamers
Game Boy Advance IM From Majesco
The Network is the Game: Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment
Nintendo To Offer IM?
Xfire: IM for Online Gamers
The Game Neverending: an IM Community

Blink ›
Mobile Growth Not Slowing Yet
Our Social World
Paul Scrivens on Being The Hype
Tagging Is The New Black
12 million Skype enterprise users
Chris Allen on Extrapolative Hostility in the Online Medium
Russell Beattie on "PR People Are Morons"
Getting Google Juice: Use Full Names
Ed Batista: Three Questions with Stowe Boyd
MIT Weblog Survey
Future Tense Has Been Conjugated
Boing Boing on Friendster
OpenBC Announces 500,000 users
Nancy Whites on Stowe's Voice
Marc Canter on Death To All Panel Sessions
Lifecycle of Bloggers
Technorati A 1: A Movable Type Plugin
Fast Company For Sale
This email is: [x] blogable
Technorati Update: 7 Days And Counting?
Will Wright on Spore
Virginia Postrel is Watching The Watchers
Anne Galloway on Mass Amateurization
Gary Turner: UFO Sleuth?
Jon Stewart/Daily Show on Watching The Watchers
Skype targets enterprise users with new partnership
Flackster Is Back!
Stowe Boyd: Black Belt Seminar
A Practical Guide To Social Networks
Watching The Watchers: New York Times
Buzzworthy: Your brain on e-mail
Xeni Jardin on Pentagon publicists "don't know how to handle bloggers"
If The Blogosphere Was A Country...
Dave Balter Apologizes
David Weinberger on [scs] Community
Jeff Jarvis on Google
Second Life Future Salon
Darren Barefoot at Les Blog
Adobe Buys Macromedia
Joi Ito: Amicus Brief Asks for Legal Rights for Internet Journalists
Alarm:Clock's Take On Del.icio.us
IT Conversations Goes Open Source
Conduct meetings via telepresence
de.lirio.us - the free, open-source look-alike of del.icio.us
Chris Allen on Dunbar, Altruistic Punishment, and Meta-Moderation
Trawling With Engines Of Meaning
Gothamist / Six Apart Party Tonight
Doc Searls to The New York Times
Liz Lawley at SXSW
Mark Jen: After Google, Plaxo
Ed Cone on Chris Lydon
The Day Gonzo Died
The Blogs Must Be Crazy
JD Lasica on Hunter S Thompson's Suicide
Jay Rosen on About.com
Jambo Networks: Proximate WiFi Messaging
Bubbler from Five Across
Johnnie Moore On Research as a Replacement for Internal Conversation
Dowbrigade on Greg Narain
PubSub Link Corruption?
Suw and the Fall and Fall of Journalism
Brandshift Launches
Mena Trott on True Voice
Kevin Marks on Tags
Andrew Sullivan Taking A Breather
Steve Rubel on Weinberger's Unfiltered Message
Return on Blogging: Conversation Rating Points
Google VoIP
Robert Scoble at Blog Business Summit
IM Addresses for today's Get Real show
Ed Simnett to Join Panel of Get Real Show
Podcast and Portable Media Expo
Hugh Macleod on Good Ideas
Scoble on the True Voice Panel at Blog Business Summit
Six Apart to Buy LiveJournal
1st Kyu in Shito Ryu
Art Mobs at EventLab
Tim Porter on Journalism
Michael Schrage on The Relationship Revolution
Yogi Berra On Social Capital
Craig Newmark On Telling The Truth
"Blogspeak" From Votes, Bits & Bytes
More on aSmallWorld
Om Malik on The End of the Personal Blogger
'Tis The Season To Blog
The Euan Semple theory of Knowledge Management
Jeremy Wright's Final eBay Price
Andrew Orlowski on Apple OS X
Roland Tanglao on MSN Spaces
Mark Glaser: The Media Company I Want To Work For
Our New York Blog is Outed
Alex Williams Joins Corante
aSmallWorld Update
TV Phones: 1.2M in 2005
Outsourcing Conversations
Ben Hyde on Anonymous Reputation

Ev Williams Ten Rules For Web Startups
John Hagel on eBay And Skype
Hypomania: The Key Difference Between US and British Entrepreneurialism?
Evelyn Rodriguez on Consulting As Calling
Why would a portal company buy a Portal?
Old Ways Die Hard: Ben Stein And Neo-conservative Dress
Technorati Selling?
MySpace To Be Acquired for $580 Million
Chris Anderson Get Peeved About Misuse of "Long Tail"
Andreessen Launches 24 Hour Laundry
Tom Malone keynote at CTC2005
Yahoo buys dialpad
John Hagel on All Edge, No Center
All Edge, No Center
Evan Williams on Second Time Entrepreneurialism
NewsGator buys Bradbury
Dodgeball Acquired By Google
Messagecast Acquired By MSN
Yahoo acquires Flickr
Microsoft To Buy Groove
Yi-Tan Launches
Ben Golub is New, er, First, CEO of Plaxo
Cordant: Still Alive?
Bloggers on eBay
The Podosphere is Heard From
Making Money: Bloggercon
Middlespace: Where Bottom-Up Meets Top-Down
Glenn Rieger Joins NewSpring Capital
What's Next for Ev Williams?
Esther Dyson and Joi Ito Investing in Flikr
Dotomi Closes $10.5 Million Round of Funding
Offline Events Losing Steam?
Blogging Community Sold On eBay
Socialtext Series A Financing
Friendster Going For Media Play?
Dave Pollard on Surowiecki's The Wisdom Of Crowds
Joe Hildebrand on Jabber News
Ikimbo is Closing Down
Yahoo! Dissolves Enterprise IM
Silkroad: Building an Integrated Social Tools Infrastructure
Friendly Transitions at Friendster
100 CEOs Blog
IMlogic Raises $16M in VC Funding
Michael Trigg Joins Spoke
Staff Reductions At Kubi Software
Plaxo's Sean Parker Gone: More Bad Press For 'Contact Unmanagement' Bad Boys?
AOL On The Block?
Skype Raises $18.8M in Series B
Akonix Acquires Natural Messaging
FaceTime Receives New Round Of Funding
ZeroDegrees acquired by InterActiveCorp
David Weinberger: Berkman Center Fellowship
FIMA Expands
Visible Path Announces A Round Financing From Kleiner Perkins
Glen Vondrick Steps Down As Facetime CEO, Kailash Ambwan Assumes Role
Antepo Releases Open Presence Networks (OPN) System 4.0
Tim Oren's First Dubious Distinction Award of 2004
Jabber Named a "2004 Company to Watch'' By Network Computing
Entopia Announces Eric Miles as New CEO
Wheels of Zeus and Motorola Announce Pact
Sell your company on eBay?
Kubi Software raises $8M in Series C
More Attrition at AOL
Presenceworks: Not Online
ActiveBuddy Changes Name: Conversagent
Akonix Raises $11M in Second Funding Round
AOL Announces New Round of Layoffs
Steve Levine
93% of Successful Startups Change Plans
Presenceworks Website Down, But Company is Up
Bob Woods
Endeavors Technology
Presence in Context: Live Communication Server
Feedback from Glen Hellman, Ikimbo CEO
Ikimbo raises new round of funding, New CEO
Wozniak starts Locator Network -- Maybe now I can find my cell phone
My BlogShares have been Hijacked!

Corante 2.0: Hubs In A Network Of Stars
Corante Is Looking For A Few Good Humans
Get Real Headed Toward Technorati 1000
The Week Ahead
Technology Blog Master Class
Corante Business Model
Going Solo
Categories and Tags
Suw's Fallow Period: She's Not Lazing About
Jeff Jarvis: Symposium on Social Architecture And City University of New York
Thanks To David Coleman
Podcast Hotel: Clarifying The Confusion
Stowe Salon @ Blog Business Summit
Social Architecture: The Foundation of The Blogosphere
A Chat With Jory Des Jardins
Heading to Blogging Goes Mainstream
Get Real Show: Interview with James Payne, Rhombus
IM Address
Get Real Podcast: Convergence and Collision in Real Time Collaboration
Instant Messaging in the Attention Economy -- 26 Oct 2004
Corante Real-Time Collaboration Experience at Inbox East: Atlanta 19 Nov 2004
Social Tools for the Enterprise; London, July 2004
iDate Conference Nice
London Social Tools Symposium: Second Online Meeting Planned For Today
London Symposium on Social Tools For The Enterprise
Launching Corante Research
New MEETUP for Social Software
A Month Away
New "Message is the Medium" Column on P2P Collaboration
Does Software Reuse Matter?

The Winter Solstice: Merry Xmax!
Top Ten Buzzwords: Puggle, Ubersexual, Playlistism
The Bubble Project
Synopsize Your Existence and Reason For Being in Ten Sentences, Please
Ian Urbina's Life's Little Annoyances
The First Alphabet
John Hagel on All Edge, No Center
All Edge, No Center
Everything Is Miscellaneous
Steven Johnson on Smarter Culture
Book Meme 123.5: No Time For Life
The Support Economy: True Voice
The Five Keys To Building Business Relationships Online
Brief: The Case for Real-Time Response and Resolution
Radicati and Ferris Lotus Stalwarts Going At It
Ethics and Etiquette of Social Networks
The Promise and Pitfalls of Social Networking
Cracking the Social Code

Acting White: Roland Fryer Links Black Popularity and Academics
Virginia Postrel on Economic Sociology

Zero Tolerance For Zero Women
Steve Case Online Live at 11am Today
Loic Le Meur on I Wonder Why Stowe Does Not Answer Me
Internet Identity Workshop 12 Dec 2005
A Kinder, Gentler Blogosphere
Les (ZZZZ) Blogs: Glad I Didn't Go
Is Business Ready For Social Software?
Symposium on Social Architecture
Podcasting on Windows: Today's Show Postponed
Web 2.0 = Male 2.0
Podcasting on Windows: Online Service
Get Real Minute: Blogon Highlight
Symposium on Social Architecture: Andrew Rasiej
Mary Hodder, Kaliya Hamlin, JD Lasica and Chris Nolan Speaking at The Symposium For Social Architecture
Susan Mernit on Seth Godin's Blogon Keynote
Web 2.0 Email
A Get Real Minute: Let's Party Like It's 1998
Web 2.0 - First Take
Get Real Minute: Web 2.0 Conference
Podcasting on Windows: Audio Editing
Podcasting on Windows: Intro to Podcasting
Social Architecture: The Foundation of The Blogosphere
Highlights from Gnomedex
James Surowiecki Keynote: We Are Not Ants
Missing the Point at Supernova?
Call For Participation on Social Architecture Symposium: Tools For New Wave Social Media
Does IT Matter? A new look at an old argument
Marc Canter on Death To All Panel Sessions
Virtual teams are just teams with amplified collaboration needs
A Conversation with James Surowiecki: The Promise and Perils of Collaborative Tools
The best collaboration tool: paper
The War Against Continuous Partial Attention
Managing identity and intellectual property
Death To All Panel Sessions
Fear, Fear, and More Fear
Doc Searls at Syndicate
Recordings of Les Blogs Paris
True Voice: The Antihype Is Rising [From Les Blogs]
Heading to Blogging Goes Mainstream
True Voice: What I Plan For Les Blogs
Les Blogs, Paris (Sort Of)
Les Blogs in Paris
True Voice: Peter Quintas and Peter Kaminski at the Innovation Summit
Gothamist / Six Apart Party Tonight
Liz Lawley at SXSW
MeshForum Registration is Open
True Voice T-Shirts
True Voice: Darren Barefoot and Jeremy Wright
Evelyn Rodriquez on the "Brand as Promise" v "Brand as Invitation" Debate
Photos from Blog Business Summit
Platonic Love
True Voice: The Business of Blogging with Robert Scoble
The Making of "The Get Real Show"
The Coming Real Time Revolution
Podcast and Portable Media Expo
True Voice: Revamping the Tour
True Voice Seminars: Three Reasons You Should Get Involved
Dave Winer on Bloggercon and The "Making Money" Session
What's Wrong With Bloggercon
Reminder: Microsoft Office LiveMeeting Business Interest Seminar - Instant Messaging in The Attention Economy
Jabber on Wall Street
Joe Hildebrand: The Power of Presence
What's With This One?
Jabber on Wall Street
Relationship Marketing Conference 3 Nov 2004 in NYC
Notes from iBreakfast: The Business of Blogging
BDI's Collaboration in Financial Services: NYC 29 Sep 2004
Brand Shifting
BlogOn is On!
London Symposium on Social Tools for the Enterprise
Social Tools: Your Network Is Smarter Than You
Social Tools: Your Network is Smarter Than You
The future of RSS and IM?
Email Blows
Vertebrate v Invertebrate Conferences
London Symposium on Social Tools for the Enterprise
Blog, Wikis, Social Networks - what can social software do for you?
Speaking at Inbox
Possible SNA Symposium in London
Europe Travels
Scott Allen's "LinkedIn Unleased"
My Trip To BloggerCon II
Social Tools: Ready for the Enterprise?
Social Tools: Ready For The Enterprise?
The Future of Trading and the Evolution of the Real-Time Enterprise
KM Cluster Social Technologies Event
Strange Comdex Combinations
Instant Messaging Planet Conference and Expo
Instant Messaging Planet Conference and Expo
Pulver Supernova: Opening Session Comments

Jabber on Wall Street
Joe Hildebrand: The Power of Presence
The Five Keys To Building Business Relationships Online

Joi Ito on An Anniversary To Forget

Anonymous Trolls, Beware: You Are Breaking Federal Laws
EFF: Legal Guide for Bloggers
Freedom Of The Press: We Don't Know What We Have To Lose
First, We Kill All The Lawyers
Garret the Ferret: Brainwashing the Young About Copyright
SPIM lawsuits
Blocking P2P is not the way to stop illegal copying
Dan Gilmor on FBI Wiretap Nonsense
More Inductees To INDUCE ACT Stupidity
Are We Geeks All Wrong About Hatch And INDUCE?
INDUCE Act - P2P Illegal?
Social Information: What Information Is Owned By Who?

Plans For 2006 And Beyond
Get Real Minute 29 Nov 2005
Writing on a Plane
Halley Suitt In The Hospital
Joi Ito on Heavy Metal (Not The Music Form)
Joi Ito on Traveling Without Moving
SIRC Guide to Flirting
Imaginary Girlfriend
Married But Dating: It Had To Happen
Who Banged Who?
European Internet Dating
Todd Tweedy: City Slicker

Forrester Study: Game Advertising Best Way To Reach Young Adults
N90 Takes Centerstage at Les Blogs
Thomas Hawk on Starbucks Sticky Marketing
Nokia N90 Blogger Promotion: On Fire and Catching Heat
Going The Distance: Getting To Clueful PR
Everybody Loves Free Stuff
PR Flap Between Zawodny And Krause Taylor
Rick Short Three Minutes
Paul Scrivens on Being The Hype
Russell Beattie on "PR People Are Morons"
Forrester on Blog Marketing
Constantin Basturea on Ketchum Personalized Media
Ketchum: How Not To Approach Social Media
Robert Manning: Blogging Is Not Fundamental
Blogcasting - Layering the Long Tail?
Flackster Is Back!
Word Of Mouth = F2F
Dave Balter Apologizes
Enough With Blogging Already
Jeff Raikes Fumbles: No RSS For "Column"
Volunteer Slavery: MSN Messenger Ads
Xtreme podcast update: Maoist guerillas injure westerners climbers
Edelman and Intelliseek Warn Suits To Respect Bloggers
First Marqui, Now Wordpress: Spam Or Just Malfeasance?
Blogads Survey
Nooked RSS Survey
"Word of Mouth" Marketing Code of Ethics
Brandshift Launches
Evelyn Rodriquez on the "Brand as Promise" v "Brand as Invitation" Debate
John Winsor on Brand as Story
Glenn Reid's "Marc Canter is not paying me to blog this" Badge
Return on Blogging: Conversation Rating Points
Online Advertising Exploding
Update on True Voice Show at New Communication Forum
Viral + Buzz Marketing Association Manifesto
More Fuel For The Marquis Fire
I Took A Week Off From Marqui, But...
Tony Walsh on Marqui Shills
Shelley Powers and the Marqui Effect
Marc's Heresy IV: Stowe Gets Played?
Marc's Heresy III
Marc's Heresy II
Marc's Heresy
New Channels for Internet Services: Corante eBay Store Opens
Yair Goldfinger on "Consumers Rule!"
A Brand is not a Promise, it is an Invitation
Brand Shifting
Markets Are Conversations, But Sometimes You Don't Want To Listen
Presence-based Advertising
Blog Advertising: Cheap and Effective

Reminder -- /Message
Black and White and Dead All Over: Is Newsprint Dead?
Ken Yarmosh on Blogging Burnout
Nobleizer Says I Have Lost My Mind
People Stealing Our Posts
Jeremy Hermanns' Flight 536
Dan Gillmor on Center for Citizen Media
Social Media: The Future -- Or The End -- For Time Warner?
Mark Cuban and Universal Release
Joseph Nocera on The Twilight Of The Gatekeepers
Heather Green: New York Times Sort Of Gets It, Part 2
New York Times Is Getting Clueful About Blogging, Sort Of
Stuart Henshall Resurfaces
Behind The Scenes at Behind The Scenes
Jarvis States Newmark Is Angel In Stealth News Startup
Open Source Media: Yet Another Blog Network
Cue The Funeral Dirge: Newspapers (and Mainstream Media) Collapsing
Topical versus Personal Focus: The Existential Challenge Of Blogging Over Time
A Get Real Minute: Wall Street Journal To Trim Pages
Seth Godin on Squidoo
Carl Zimmer: Another Icon Of Semi-Respectability
C/Net News.com Beta: Superficially Interesting, But Shallow
Jay Rosen (and others) on Blogs Meet The Mainstream
Staci@PaidContent on Making Podcasting Pay
Tim Porter on Intentional Journalism
Seth Goldstein on Media Futures
Blog Astroturf Company Unabashedly Builds Business On Lies
Old Media Crumbling?
NowPublic: Emergent Journalism
Blog Business Summit: Blogging Gets Less And Less Mature
Jason Calacanis on The Blog 500
Tim Oren on PJ Media Break Up
Evelyn Rodriguez on Blogher
NY Times on Technorati State Of The Blogosphere
Arieanna Foley Videoblogged By JD Lasica At Blogher
B.L. Ochman on Being Misquoted in Businessweek
Tom Coates on How Blogging Impacts Conference Going
Rafat Ali on Emily Bell's Tangled MySpace Comments
Technorati and Making Money in The Blogosphere
JD Lasica on "We Are The Media"
iTunes 4.9 = Podcasting Slows To A Crawl
AO/Technorati Open Media 100
Always-On/Technorati Open Media 100
Webby Awards Judges: 25% Shouldn't Be
John Dvorak On Blogging, Tagging, and All That Fringe Lunacy
A Distributed Architecture For Social Media
Fast Company For Sale
Suw Charman Skewers David Greenberg
Update on BusinessWeek's First Podcast
BusinessWeek's First Podcast (Not Really)
Eugene Robinson on the Blogosphere
What's Wrong With This Picture?
Dave Winer in Nashville: A Control Freak In An Out Of Control World
Peter Horan To Be Replaced
Dan Gillmor on Bayosphere
Steve Gillmor on The Syndisphere
Fear, Fear, and More Fear
Jon Udell's "Aha" Moment
Doc Searls at Syndicate
Syndicate: In the Belly of the Beast
AlwaysOn/Technorati Open Media 100: Controversy In The Blogosphere
Steve Yelvington on Dodgeball v Local Media
Lee Bryant on BBC Shared Tags
Alan Meckler on FTD.com
Hugh Macleod on Nick Denton In The New York Times Piece
Eveleyn Rodriguez: Ordinary Art = Artisan Journalism?
Watching the Watchers: USA Today On Executive Bloggers
Susan Mernit on The New York Times "Big Wet Kiss" For Denton
Nick Denton: A Counterrevolutionary In Our Midst
Paolo Valdemarin on Gianluca Neri
Cory Doctorow Sez Neener Neener Neener
Sousveillance: Watching The Watchers
Stephen Baker on Lunatics Running The Asylum
AO Technorati Open Media 100 List
Blogging Goes Mainstream
Watching the Watchers
Adam Penenberg on The New Old Journalism: Revenge of the Readers
Nancy White On Charging For Streams
What I Learned at Les Blogs
Blogspotting on Blog Visibility
Tom Coates on Trackback Is Dead
Giovanni Rodriguez on Anonymity in the Blogosphere
Businessweek's Tech Beat Gets A Facelift
Jeff Raikes Fumbles: No RSS For "Column"
Tom Zeller of the NYT on The Niall Kennedy Imbloglio
Media Meltdown: Chris Anderson on Endism
Raving Lunacy on Marqui's Sponsorship of Feedfest
Teen Blogging
Joi Ito on "What Would Gandhi Do?": The Conformist Pressure of the Internet
Anil Dash on The Blog Cycle
Results of the Niall Kennedy/Technorati Imbloglio Poll: It's A Conservative World
Shasta MacNasty on The Niall Kennedy Imbloglio: Don't Ask, Don't Tell?
American Business Media Dinner - NYC - Ben Silverman and Stowe Boyd
Greg Yardley on Internet 2.0: Self Censorship as Future Norm?
Book Meme 123.5: No Time For Life
Poll on the Niall Kennedy Imbloglio
Jeremy Wright's List of Fortune 500s Blogging
Scoble Learns The Wrong Lesson
Roster Of Fired Bloggers
Committee To Protect Bloggers
Joi Ito on International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security
Niall Kennedy and the Spectre of Being Dooced
Doc Searls Suspecting Out Loud
Stuart Henshall Launches Skype Journal
Another Way To Get Fired For Blogging
Tim Bray at NorthernVoice
Steve Rubel on Media Players as RSS Aggregators
The End of the Myth of Objectivity
Hugh on Blogging as Survival
Marc Canter and Marqui's Corporate Blog: Talking About Talking
Tekrati on Analyst Firm's Blogging
David Weinberger: Web as World
First UK Blogger Fired
International Bloggers’ Bill of Rights
Doc Searls "Said What?"
Online Publishers Association Study
Your Market is Smarter Than You: Reader's Clicks as Editorial Staff?
Why Do We Blog?
CNN: 'Blog' is top word of the year
The Art of Alpha Female Blogging
Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere
ComScore Study on Blogging: Big News?
Dave Winer on Bloggercon and The "Making Money" Session
Blogging Policy: Charlene Li
What's Wrong With Bloggercon
Scoble's Overload: Bloggercon
Bloggercon: Podcasting Wisecrack
Blogging and the B-Side
Ok This Is Getting Funny
Lurkers, Lurkers, Everywhere
Notes from iBreakfast: The Business of Blogging
Eats, Blogs & Leaves
Joyce Park Interviewed at Red Herring
iBreakfast on The Business of Blogging: NYC 22 Sep 2004
Friendster Blogger Fired: The Price of Openness
Bloggers Are Special
Scoble's "Corporate Weblog Manifesto"
Radicati and Ferris Lotus Stalwarts Going At It
Gonzo Versus The Grays
More on 'Gonzo Journalism'
The Standoff Between Blogs and Journalism
The Battle For Your Hearts And Minds
Stand-Alone Journalism
Biz Stone: How to Network With Blogs
Gary Turner Hangs It Up
Meckler on Blogs
Gates on Business Blogging
The Revolution WILL Be Blogged
Blog and Wiki Research
My Trip To BloggerCon II
Blog Survey: Summary of Findings - Fernanda Viegas
Blogging is Generational
John Battelle On "Why Blogs Mean Business"
Clay on Computerworld Article re Blogging in the Enterprise
My So-Called Blog
Sorry to Say
Blog Communities: Blogs + Social Networking
The Case for Business Blogging: Conversations with Your Market
Blogging and the Rise of Blogournalism
Ancient Blogs Unearthed
Make Room For Blogs
"Blogs in the Workplace" at the NY Times

Rebecca MacKinnon and Robert Scoble on MSN Spaces Chinese Censorship
Micah Sifry on Rasiej Campaign Post-Mortem
Chris Nolan on The Next Vice President
Rasiej: A Victory For Ideas
Rasiej Getting More Buzz Than Skype And Katrina?
Andrew Rasiej: More Than A Local Election
Thomas Freidman on The Power Of Networks And Blogging
Is Crowd Wisdom Predicting The Election Outcome In Bad Taste?
Bottom-up Trends Into Topdown: Death To Deanism
It's Just a Tool, Boys
Dean is Rallying a "Stupid Network"

Social Capital: De Tocqueville, Putnam, and the Future of New Orleans
Shakespeare's Social Networks

Sponsored Posts
Antony Brydon and Stowe Boyd at the CTC2005 Conference
Does IT Matter? A new look at an old argument
Virtual teams are just teams with amplified collaboration needs
Wikis for Group Collaboration
Why collaborate with Open Source tools
The best collaboration tool: paper
Instant Messaging Research Forum

/Message - A New Blog
The Individual Is The New Group -- Part 1
1000 Tags: Tag Advertising
Social Ethics And Technology Design
Nancy Hass on In Your Facebook.com
Guy Kawasaki on The Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs
Student Life On The Facebook
Peter Saint-Andre Agrees: Boycott Microsoft
Jeneane Sessum Making A Move?
Lotus Notes Sucks
OpenBC Integrates Skype, Sort Of
First Take: Newsvine
Should We Drop The Term "Web 2.0"?
Om Malik on Microsoft URGE
Ice 2.0
First Take: Clipfire
Sunrise: A Brand New Day For CRM
David Tebbutt on Scoble's Future
Blog Network Rank
Wil Shipley on I Invite You To WINE
Who Owns Wifi?
More on Kaleidoscope
Russell Beattie Switches Back To Windows
2006 Prediction #1: The Year Of The Mac
Dion Hinchcliffe on Web 2.0 Thread
Meetro Mac Beta
David Newberger: 10 Questions With Stowe Boyd
Frederico Oliveira on User Experience
Glenn Reynolds on Bottom-up Knowledge
Scoble on Outlook 12 RSS Integration
tech.memeorandum: The Tech Elite's Third Space
Burning Bird on My Poll About "Web 2.0"
Performancing Blog Editor Plug-in Adds Technorati Tags
Chris Fralic on What is Web 2.0? A Swarm Of Associations
First Look: Performancing Blog Editor Plug-in For Firefox
Richard McManus on Ganging Up Against Google
Michael Tanne on Wink
First Look: Quimble
Google Talk To Interoperate With AIM
Traitors in our Midst: Web 2.0 Antihype
Web Two Point Oh!
First Look: Zoho Websheet
Google Buying Stake in AOL: A Step Closer To Nerdvana?
Des Paroz's Del.icio.us Comment Hack
Paul Kedrosky on Structured Blogging Will Flop
Google Blog Comments Extension For Firefox
Basecamp Offers New Features
Office? What's An Office?
Shelley Powers on The Meta Wars
Structured Blogging versus Messy, Messy, Messy
Technorati Explore: The Tagspace As The Future of Media
Text Message Stock Scams: How Dumb Can People Be?
FeedFlare: Feedback Through The Feed
RSS Readering: Part II
Peter Cooper on People use FeedDigest because other things suck
Trip Hawkins: The Social Side Of Games
Abby Christopher on Games Tackle Disaster Planning
Joi Ito Is Bored
Steve Case on It's Time to Take It Apart
Yahoo To Offer Movable Type
Improbulus on Technorati Tags
Umair Haque on MySpace: Corporate and Lame?
Remember The Milk
Steve Rubel's IM Interview With Joshua Schachter/Del.icio.us
Del.icio.us Acquired by Yahoo
Technorati Ping Page Update
The Buddylist Is The Center of The Universe 2.0: A Call For Interoperability
Gary Turner on Mac Identity
Dave Sifry Announces Mini-Windows
Scoble on RSS Backlash
Andy Lark on RSS Readers
David Weinberger on Massively Multiplayer Online Truth
Doc Searls on Handbasket Weaving
Lee Gomes on Tech Blogs Produce New Elite
Jeremy Wright: Criticizing Web 2.0 Companies On Scale, But Not Scaling B5?
The Web 2.0 And Beyond - a conversation
Squidoo Beta Goes Live
Death By Powerpoint
Social Media, Defined
Bill Brown on Tag Punctuation
Instant Message Handle
Adam Curry and Dave Winer Give Each Other Wedgies Over Podcasting Credit
Gmail Adds Virus Checking Of Attachments
Egosurfing: My Google Number is 268,000!
Om Malik On Skype Video: Skype Eats Its Young
SNARF: Social Network and Relationship Finder
RSS Readering: Why RSS Readers Are No Good For Me (And You, Too, I Bet)
Apple Entering The Battle For The Livingroom: Mini Becomes The Tivo Killer
Joshua Porter on Web 2.0
John Battelle on Building A Better Boom
read.io: Instant Podcast, Just Add Feed
Doc Searls on Microsoft In Reality
AOL Instant Messaging Survey
Go Flock Yourself
Joshua Schachter on The Future Of Tagging
Nicolas Nova on Objects That Blog
Joel Spolsky on Web 2.0: The Antihype Is Thickening
Jonas Luster Joins Socialtext
Jeneanne Sessum on Stone Age
Web 2.0: Compact Definition
Scoble on Google
David Weinberger on Tags
Mary Jo Foley on Microsoft Needs To Say No To Web 2.0
Gettting Real: A Killer Theme At Signal vs. Noise
Get Real Show: Interview with Eric Rice, Audioblog
TagBack: The Term Is Already In Use
iTags = Open Tags?
Multiply Gets Funding Despite Social Spam Stigma
Get Real Show: Interview with Rick Klau, Feedburner
Get Real Only Worth $263,640.18?
Get Real Show: Lee Wilkins of Podcast.com
AIM Triton: "I AM" Campaign
Outfoxed: Trusted Social Circles
The New Visionaries: Rebooting The Web
John Udell on Meet The Life Hackers
Googlemail: I Need Offline Access to Gmail
Nicholas Carr and Om Malik on Who Owns The Commons
Meet The Life Hackers
Sean O'Malley on MSN/Yahoo Interoperability Deal
Tom Coates Joining Yahoo
Chris Pirillo on Blogspot Spamalanche
First Look: Blinklist
XFN: Bottom-up Social Networks
Jeremy Zawodny and Podcasts Plugin
Michael Graves on Pingwidth
Basecamp Gets Writeboards
Google Gets Tagging
Meebo Supports Jabber/Gtalk
Get Real Minute: Video iPod
Add Swagroll To The Apps 2.0 Roll
Microsoft and Yahoo To Connect Instant Messaging Platforms
Michael Graves Responds To Questions About Ping Economics
Trying Feedburner Feedblitz For Email Updates
Qumana 2.0 Released, Includes Adgenta Ad Network
Ross Mayfield on Email 2.0
Tristan Louis on What A Link's Worth
Recovery 2.0: Or Maybe Disaster 2.0?
Hall of Shame: KnowNow RSS eLerts
Microformats v Structured Blogging: A Small War With Big Consequences
Winer Sells: What Economics Are At Work?
Launchpad at Web 2.0: PubSub - Bob Wyman
Launchpad at Web 2.0: AllPeers - Matthew Gertner
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Flock - Bart Decrem
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Wink - Michael Tanne
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Orb Networks - Ian McCarthy
Launchpad at Web 2.0: KnowNow - Ron Rasmussen
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Zvents - Ethan Stock
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Zimbra - Satish Dharmaraj
Launchpad at Web 2.0: RealTravel - Ken Leeder
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Bunchball - Rajat Paharia
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Joyent - David Young
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Rollyo - Dave Pell
Launchpad at Web 2.0: Socialtext - Ross Mayfield
Jeff Clavier on Ning
Migration Off The Desktop: Federated Web Apps and The Office Of Tomorrow!
NewsGator Acquires NetNewsWire
Ning Goes Live
No Google Office Today
Web 2.0: Bigger Than A Breadbox
Richard McManus on Bloglines (or Off Bloglines)
Anne Galloway on Community, Trust, And Social Software
Emily Chang and Max Kiesler Launching eHub Interviews This Week
Get Real Minute: Writeboard
Steve Rubel on Technorati Index
Robert Scoble on Microsoft Windows Officially Broken
Adam Hertz on Technorati Algorithm Tweaks
Concurrent Media Exposure: Another Form Of Continuous Partial Attention
Ken Yarmosh on Communicating the Ideas behind Web 2.0
Technorati Rank: Is It Just Me?
Seth Godin and Squidoo
Phil Wolff Posts Picture Of Skype Roadmap
Mena Trott's Mom Is A DEMOGod
Ray Ozzie and The Regrooving of Microsoft
Writely: The Future Of Collaborative Documents
My Fragmented Online Life Needs Structure: Netvibes To The Rescue?
RawSugar: Hierarchy Recapitulates Ontology
Roland Tanglao is Raving About Flock
Meebo: Web Based Instant Messaging Client
Gtalk Woes
Ballmer Wanted To "F***ing Bury" Eric Schmidt
Last.fm: Web Service Beta
Mercora and LA Music Awards
Gather.com - Social Networking For Public Radio Listeners
Technorati Blog Finder: Another Attention Inroad
Lee Holz On Subway Wanker
ClustrMaps: Update
Feedburner Stats/Mint
Tom Coates on Socializing Radio
Last.fm Upgrade: stoweboyd Radio Station Now Live
New Last.fm: Social Architecture Drives Music Experience
Sousveillance Flare-Up: Subway Wanker Cellpixed
Jeteye: Search As Shared Space
More on Google Talk
Google Talk
Microsoft, Google and Skype... Oh My!
Projity Offers Java-Based Microsoft Project Alternative
Technorati introduces multiple tag search
InterComm 1.3 collaboration tool gets a failing grade
ClustrMaps: The Return Of The Readers
EMC Documentum To Add Instant Messaging Integration To eRoom 7.3
Microsoft gets $7 million from spammer
Google News - now with RSS feeds
MSN Filter - where do you stand?
Technorati 100: Inside And Outside The List
Mary Hodder on The Paris Index, And Why RankOut Would Be Better
Technorati Rank: I Don't Get This
AttentionTrust.org: I Am A Card-Carrying Member Of A Subversive Movement
David Coleman on Continuous Partial Attention
Labnotes on Open Tags
Drummond Reed on Open Tagging
Invisibility in Instant Messaging
Mary Hodder on Social Architecture
NodeTime Project
Too Much Collaboration
Plazes Integrates With Google Maps
Google homepage turns into an RSS aggregator
JD Lasica Jumps In On Open Tags
BlogPulse Profiles Beta
Derek Powazek on How Tags Happened at Technorati
Communities Are About Trust
Kevin Marks on Tag Decentralization
Yahoo scoops up Konfabulator
More From Adam Hertz on Technorati Link Counts
Mary Hodder Digs Into Various Link Counts
Open Tags: Made For A Distributed World
Feedback from Adam Hertz of Technorati on "Technorati Beta: Slowed to a Crawl"
Technorati Beta: Slowed to a Crawl
Jeff Jarvis on Made For A Distributed World
TagSurf: It's Tagalicious!
A Fragmented Instant Messaging World: An End In Skype?
Look4Mac: Social Network of Mac Users?
Firefox gaining ground
AIM Fight: Gaming The Social Network
danah boyd on MySpace Acquisition
Technorati should be for sale
Blog Spam or Unmet Market Need
Getting Google Juice: Use Full Names
Plazes Has Detailed Maps
Starting From Scratch: Social Design Is Hard
Dina Mehta on Worldchanging Social Tools
Linda Stone at Supernova: Continuous Partial Attention
Yahoo Search Goes Social: My Web 2.0
iTunes 4.9: Now With Podcasting
New Google Personalized Search
Phishing costs reach $1 billion in the US
GPS Camera
High performance collaboration and the patterns we have lost
24/7 Millenials
James Surowiecki Keynote at CTC 2005
More On Remote Tagging: Dave Sifry Wises Me Up
LA Times to start using Wikitorials
Qumana buys Lektora
Cleaning Out The Closets: Trimming Blog Categories
Remote Tagging: A Richer Social Model
Del.icio.us Introduces Multimedia Tagging
Yahoo buys blo.gs
Craig's List Listing on Google Maps
Sendup of Dvorak's To Tag or Not to Tag, That Is the Question
IM Away Messages: Meta Status
Technorati Beta: Still Some Bugs To Work Out?
Social Networking: Broken, Boring, or Offtrack?
New Technorati Beta
Jabber Inc Ships New Version
Wikis for Group Collaboration
Ed Batista: A Lab Rat In My Own Experiment
Meetro: Instant Messaging Gets Local
AOL announces unlimited email storage
A Bad, Bad, Sign
Technorati Update: Truncating URLs
Continuous Partial Attention: Here, There, and Everywhere
Why collaborate with Open Source tools
A Conversation with James Surowiecki: The Promise and Perils of Collaborative Tools
More Like This: Sproutliner
Still Messing With Technorati
The War Against Continuous Partial Attention
Technorati Update: Yes, I Found Another Glitch
Technorati Update: 7 Days And Counting?
Another Voice Heard From: Neal Stephenson On Continuous Partial Attention
Addicted to E-Mail... And Oxygen, For That Matter
Managing identity and intellectual property
Not Nerdvana, But Maybe The Suburbs
Metaphors Matter: Collaborative Technology versus Social Tools
Jeff Axup on Mobile Communities
mIDm - simplify your online life with self-identification
Yahoo does VoIP
User Interface Pet Peeve
Follow Up On "What's Going On At Technorati"
Estimating Human Interruptability
Bloglines Wants To Manage The Blogosphere For You
Plazes Deathmatch with Joi Ito: Part II
Plazes Deathmatch with Joi Ito (Don't Tell Him!)
AOL releases kit for game developers to integrate AIM and ICQ
What's Going On At Technorati?
WiPhishing - phishing to wireless LAN users
Per Persson's Projects
Interview with Dodgeball Founders
Windows Mobile 5.0 release
Nokia Sensor
Bitty Browser
AIM adds RSS
danah boyd on "Move Over Friendster..."
What makes or breaks a social network service?
Word Of Mouth = F2F
Social Software for Higher Education
Fines For Race Hate SMS?
Mathieu Balez On The Good God Google
AOL Journals: Real Time Blogging?
Continuous Partial Attention: Email Is Worse Than Chronic
No Good Dead Goes Unpunished...
Stuart Henshall on AOL Triton Beta
Mates - location-based social networking
AOL's AIM to get new UI
Microsoft Office shared in real-time
Yahoo's MyWeb Beta
Steven Johnson on Smarter Culture
Corporate IM
Plazes Traces
Microsoft pushes for mobility
Mobile Websites - Bad but to be improved
Nerdvana: A Better Tool For Communication (I Can Dream, Can't I?)
Freesound Project
Volunteer Slavery: MSN Messenger Ads
Google maps go mobile
New MSN Messenger
Bickr - the Flickr-based photo battle
Alarm:Clock's Take On Del.icio.us
Xtreme Podcasting from Everest
The Pope and Social TV
Thoughts on Social Networking with Flickr
What Happened To Audio?
AOL trying to capture teen blogging space
IM going private for security
Unlinking from Social Networks: Part 8
Grafedia - Offline linking
de.lirio.us - the free, open-source look-alike of del.icio.us
Phishers abusing IM vulnerabilities
Trawling With Engines Of Meaning
Social TV: Everybody Wants It
icq 5 reviewed
ICQ 5 IM Released
A9 OpenSearch gives us content license info
Nooked RSS Survey
Portal sites - Yahoo! 360 and Skydasher
Technorati Tides
Metaatem: Fun With Flickr
Yahoo starts blogging
Rabble Is Coming
When will mobile blogging catch up with blogging?
AOL Clarifies Privacy Policy
Cameraphones as Social Software
Ben Stanfield on AOL: No Privacy in AIM
My Mac Configuration
Article on Instant Messaging Viruses
Flash Turkey
Rafe Needleman on "The Future of Presence"
Unlinking from Social Networks: Part 5
Unlinking from Social Networks: Part 4
Unlinking from Social Networks: Part 3
Odeo: Ev's New Gig
Kris Krug's Poll on Flikr Buyout Rumors
Social Physics and SocialPhysics.org
DEMO@15: Scottsdale
Eight years of email stats, pass 1
First Look: Ubergroups
Verizon Blocks EMail from Western Europe to Avoid Spam
Technology is Evil: Destroying Civic Mindedness
Social Circles
Has Flikr F***-ed Up?
Accentus: Real Time Blinking Through Music
Tom Coates on Social Software
BitTorrent, eXeem, Meta-Torrent, Podcasting: "What? So What?"
IM in Education links
Cop uses Instant messaging persuades boy to abandon threat
More Plaxo Bashing
John Battelle Wants BlogPlasma
Friendster to Launch Cell Phone Service in Philipines
Netflix Testing Socialized Movie Reviews
Basecamp: Socialized Project Management
Henshall Ecstatic About Skype 1.1 Beta
Ray Ozzie and Jeffrey Citron: Telephone Companies Don't Get It
Hugster, MeetUp, and Activism at The Edge
Tom Sander on Meetup
Cuba's Other Revolution
Codepiction path to peace n harmony
CareerBuilder Asserts That "Many Abuse" Instant Messaging
Microsoft Prepares to Enter Blogosphere: MSN Spaces
Jupiter Study on Teenage IMing
Move Over Wikipedia, Here Comes WikiNews
Blinks: Brief Links
NY Times VideoConf Goof?
Jon Schull "Visualizing Webs of BlogThreads" (June 2002!)
English-to-12-Year-Old-AOLer Translator
CIO.com on Real-Time and USA Today on The Gamer Generation
Technorati vote links... an idea
Gen Y and the Coming Communications Revolution
Comfort Zones: More Road Warrior's 'Truth About Tablet PC'
Operating Manual for Social Tools
The Neverending Story: Marc's Heresy V
Notes from "Instant Messaging and The Attention Economy": Time as a Shard Space
James Enck on The Coming Convergence
33 Million Americans Can't Be Wrong
Scopo: Mitsubishi Wearable Display
Evite Goes Social
Blog Continuum Sparklines
IM + Massively Multiplayer Games = Otoy?
WSJ quits AvantGo
GoToMeeting: The Story Inside The Story
Passed 10,000 Mark on Hitmaps
The Term: "Social Software"
IM Interviews: Now A Research Topic?
UpSNAP: Text Messaging 411
Istanbul Out Of The Closet
Basecamp: Project Management via Blog
Carl Tyler on Istanbul
AIM Buddy Cards
The Coming of the Database Economy - Hold Onto Your Opinions
BusinessWeek on Internet Dating
HitMaps Part 3
danah On Supporting the Mac
Threadorati is a Start, but not Enough: Chaterati!
Social Alibi Network
Survey Participation
Marc Eisenstadt Remotely Proximal
danah On "Why I Love My Sidekick"
Imeem = Distributed Social Networking
Leverage Software Enters "Relationship Capital Management"
Instant Message Barbie
A Handwave at Synchronous Social Software
Greetings + Synchronous Social Software 1
Moving to Grooving
No Wonder: Few Enterprises Affected by AOL and Yahoo Moves
AOL IM Image Virus Spreading
Plazes Blazes New Trail
Relevanta Launches
XS4ALL Secure instant messaging via Jabber
Overstock.com and Trust Networks
Parlano MindAlign Version 6.0 Announced
I Go For Ogo
The Next Best Thing: A WebCam Interview with Marc Eisenstadt
More on "Online Status Indicator"
Brief: The Case for Real-Time Response and Resolution
Big Talk on Small Talk and Social Tools
Online Status Indicator
David Brin: Holocene Chat
Fear Marketing: IMlogic's IM Detector Pro
Social Interface Design
Big on Small Talk
AOL to Launch In-Store.com
Auren Hoffman on GoogleNumbers
The Pew Instant Messaging Report and Continuous Partial Attention
How Americans Use Instant Messaging
VeriChat: Buddy Pounce!
Getting Dissed By Paper Napkin
Video Blog Comments
Video Blogging Update: Userplane A/V Mail Redux
GIM on the horizon?
Groove and Windows XP Service Pack 2
Gush 1.2 Preview Version Available
Are Wikis To Be Trusted?
59 percent of Internet users now use Instant Messaging
Ten Reasons E-mail Will Die
Video Blogging: Userplane A/V Mail
Bad Dads Texting
Dvorak Dismisses Disruptive Technology
AOL Pushing Enterprise IM
IM Interoperability
Five Across releases InterComm
Fahrenheit FBI
No Cell Cameras At Concerts
The Language Moves On
Google: Evil Purveyor of Digital Identity
More Bad Email News: Phishing on the Rise
Gush Roadmap
End of E-mail
Cognima Snap: Smarter Camera Phones
IMfree Wireless Instant Messenger
More Hatemail for Email
Duncan Work: Call for a Social Networking Bill of Rights
Clay on Amplify
Cell Phone Marketing Exploding
Interview: Michael Osterman
Brits Are Toothy and Going To The Dogs
Reason Highlights Geospatial Privacy
Being Wired Encourages Human Contact: The Third Space
42% of Small Businesses Consider Dropping Email
The Many Faces of Our Digital Identity
Seen In Passing
Pocketster, Meet Rendezvous (the Apple One)
$t0pp^ng $p@m!!
RSS and IM and the End of Email
Email Delenda Est
Endless, Pointless Comments on Story About G-M-a-i-l
Email No, IM Si!
New Record for Texting
Just Say "No" To Email
FaceTime Ups the Ante In AIM Enterprise Gateway Scramble
The future of RSS and IM?
Email Blows
HotMail Ups the Ante
IM Networks Uphold Isolation: Death to Trillian
Interview: Dudley Carr of 2Entwine
Familiar Strangers
AOL Backing Away From Enterprise IM
Will RSS Replace E-mail?
Yahoo and the Meaning of Business IM
Instant-On Collaboration
IM for Business
Spam and the Future of Email
AOL IM Blurrage
The State of Social Tools
Wi-Fi, Disrupting From the Bottom
Who Will Index Your Desktop?
Jabber Virtual Presence: Swarms of Avatars
BREW: Micro Payments For All?
Pocket Rendezvous, Not Desktop Rendezvous
Digital Courage
Amazon Launches Plogs
Pocket Rendezvous: Spawning Connectivity
GMail Is Truly Amazing
Coming Soon To A Newstand Near You!
Kinja - Blog of Blogs?
Email is 80% Spam in U.S.
Search Engines Seeking Sound
Patenting Online Relationships
Gush 1.1 Beta2 Released
The New Yahoo! (Messenger that is)
SpeechBot - Indexing Audio Conversations
Microsoft Office Live Meeting: Server and Service
Plaxo Enters Search Wars With Yahoo
Teenagers In Another World: The Future
Google Blog
I H8 U
First Take: Picasa Hello and Blogger
Estonia - Leading The Way For E-Government?
Dana on Ev Williams: Give It Time
Picasa Partners with Google's Blogger
Game Boy Advance IM From Majesco
Jabber and EBS Team: XMPP-based FX Solution
Silk Road Acquires Moblogging Technology
People-Centered Knowledge Management
SPIM Stats
Dead AIM - AIM Enhancer
Ethics and Etiquette of Social Networks
Survey on Online Communities
Cruft on Xfire
Prohibition Does Not Mean Abstinence
Joe Hildebrand on Gush for OSX
Another Go With Gush
Ray Ozzie on v3.0, Rich Clients, and Everything
What Is Real?
Yahoo Business Messenger Rumors
I Even Socially Spammed My Own Website
New Zero Degrees' Outlook Plug-in: I've Socially Spammed Hundreds By Mistake!
New Email Re: Dogster
Lowest Common Denominator Collaboration: File Sharing
Channel 9 - Microsoft Blogs to the Development Community
Vodaphone Futures
POKE: The Value Of Presence Traces
First Take: Midentity
Social Networking Goes To The Dogs
The Network is the Game: Social Trends in Mobile Entertainment
Meg Hourihan and Kinja
IM Network: One Step Away From Social Networking
HP Researcher Creates Captions From Chat
BuddySpace Presentation: Marc Eisenstadt
Linda Stone: Update
Kinja Beta
Shirky On Kuro5hin Membranes
Continuous Partial Attention
Social Search: Trying To Find A Connection
tunA: A Handheld Ad-hoc Radio Device For Local Music Sharing
Weinberger on the Microsoft Social Computing Symposium
Social Tools: Ready For The Enterprise?
Fractal Blogspace
David Teten's Notes On 3/26/04 Social Networks Symposium
New Osterman Survey Shows Enterprise IM Use Growing
Spim on the Rise
Oracle Collaboration Suite Upgrade: Later Than Planned
Shinkuro Beta v2.0
Microsoft's ISV Show - 8 March 2004
Popup Sales Chat
Calling All Social Networking Applications
Nintendo To Offer IM?
Henshall on "Social Networking Is Broken"
Findings from Hubbub
The Economist on Blogging in the Enterprise
Groove v3.0: A Tool For Our Times
Tribe.net: RSS Output From Tribe's Message Boards
The Anti-Social Software Suite
Furqan Nazeeri's Bionic Bot Demo: IM Planet Notes
Ed Simnett's IM Context Insight: IM Planet Notes
John Sakoda's 4 Myths of IM Interoperability: IM Planet Notes
Paul Haverstock, Microsoft: IM Planet Notes
Instant Messaging Planet: My Preso
Social Networking And Communities To Get Top Level Domain
Groove And Homeland Security
February 2004 Message: Real-Time Revolution
More on Kinja
Instantly Fired
AIM 5.5 -- Video IM
Rumors of Kinja
Jim Lanzone of Ask Jeeves on Social Search
Bizex - ICQ Worm
Wicked Good Wikis - New Column At Darwin
Real-Time Collaboration - Who cares?
Identity Based Encryption
WaveMarket Debuts at DEMO
Mobile Spam
Convoq ASAP Pricing
Henshall on Skype and Flickr
Convoq Announces ASAP: Personal Web Conferencing System
VIA3 For Government Announced At DEMO
Silkroad Debuts Enterprise Blog Technology at DEMO
Centra Signs Deal With SAP
BuddyLinks: About Us
Coming To An IM Client Near You
More is Different: Social Search
After The Frenzy, People Don't Feel Friendly
AgileMessenger: Mobile Access to All Major IM Services
IBM Mercury: Intelligent Medium Switching
Former Visio Execs to develop Social Networking for Longhorn
Dvorak Relents
An Exchange With Dvorak
Gushing for Gush
John Dvorak Weighs In On IM
Chris Allen on Orkut
Kubi Announces v1.2
CRN Judges LCS Product of the Year
Goodbye Email, Hello IM
IETF Approves Jabber XMPP
The Barriers of Content and Context
The Death Of The Weekend
Orkut Kaput -- At Least For Now
Keichu: Cellphone Addiction
Nokia 7700: Visual Radio
Interactive Social Networking Industry Analyzed via the Value Framework
SocialText Now Supports RSS
Google Jumps Into Social Networking with Orkut
Email Is Where Knowledge Goes To Die
Social Networking Backlash
Love.com Survey: Everyone's Doing It
Text Messaging Vs Identity Theft
The Naked Crowd - Jeffrey Rosen
David Deans: Advocate for Wireless Data Telephony
Hate Your Cell Phone? You Are Not Alone.
SPIM, While Growing, Is Still Trivial
Spimmers Hope for IM Interoperability
Cell Location Privacy
No more text messages from Jesus
Bottom-Up Economy
Phone for Boneheads
MessageVine and Imphomatch Market Fully Interoperable Mobile IM
Eurekster Launches
Instant Messaging = Misuse of the Internet
Are the Feds are After You?
LiveOffice Announces IMConferencing
Social Networking: What's Next
SPOT Watches are Finicky
Red Herring covers the Enterprise IM Beat, Sort Of
Suunto's N3 MSN Direct Watch
I've Been Comment Spammed
DC Social Networking
Smart Containers
Ross Mayfield on Comment Spammers: Turn Off Comments
Spectel and Bantu Partnering: More Convergence in Real-Time Communication
The Perfect Social Networking Service
Plaxo is not Spam, Reredux
More Give and Take on "The Limits of Social Networking"
Online Speed Dating at Match.com
A Real Concern: Social Spam?
Dave Pollard's List of 10
Social Networking = Volunteer "Total Information Awareness"
More on Plaxo and Richard Chirgwin
Radio Text Advertising: Coming to Dashboard Near You
Identity Spoofing: Your Swarmth has Value
Jitux.A MSN Messenger Worm
Online Communication Makes Difficult Topics Easier
Steve Gillmor's Best and Worst
More Predictions? Please, No More!
Internet Adoption Leveling Off
Media Players and Instant Messaging Surpass Browser
More Handwringing about Instant Messaging
SPIM is on Everyone's Lips
Cell Phone Use leads to Divorce, Italian Style
IMSpeak: Omnipod Survey on IM Acronyms
Matt Hicks at eWeek on Social Networking
More from the Tech Skeptic
"Fearless Forecasts" = Indicator of Backlash to Hype
John Perry Barlow on Social Networking
Virtual Intimacy
When You Put Things Together, They Are Changed
Somebody's Watching You
David Weinberger on Skype: IM or Telephone
What does Contextual Collaboration Mean, Anyway?
Match.com: Socializing, not just Dating?
British MP Ejected for Camera Phone Use
Plaxo Accelerates Past 1 Million User Mark
A Good Measure of Stickiness for Social Networking
Verizon Wireless Launches Rich IM
What's your Fridge's IP Address?
Proximity Marketing
Love.Com Email Marketing
Conversagent Name Change
Enterprise Social Networking Gains More Ground
David Hornik on Conserving Social Capital
China Telecom to Launch IM Network
Michael Jones on AOL's Entry into Online Dating
Buzz Meter
Pepper Computer: Collaboration via IM
First Take: Microsoft Live Communications Server
Picasa Hello
Esther Dyson on LinkedIn and Social Network Etiquette
First Take: Microsoft Live Communications Server
Macromedia Central: Information Convenience
Love.com Preview
Compressed Time
Generational Split on Phone Preferences in LG Survey
Digital Immediate Gratification: The DIG Generation
Co(llaborative)-Shopping via IM
localfeeds Visualization: Another Locale-based Messaging Mocdel
New Approaches to Presence
New IM Study
Tag: Immune System for Messaging
Bluejacking: Bluetooth Proximity Messaging
XCON Web Conferencing Standard Moving Forward
Tag and Scan: Location Messaging by Cell Phone
Patti Anklam rolling on "Perils and Pitfalls of Social Networking"
Privacy and Security Fears about RFID
Debunking Conventional Wisdom re: IM Use
Oracle remains Agnostic about IM Technology, Despite Jabber License
The Promise and Pitfalls of Social Networking
Web Conferencing for the Rest of Us
Oracle Licensing Jabber XCP for Collaboration Suite
AOL Enables Multiple Login
Cisco to acquire Latitude
Real-Time Collaboration in Context
New Fad: Instant Messaging!
Task Switching = Plague of Inattention
Multiple Listing Service to be IM enabled
Monster.com to incorporate Social Networking
What's your Google number?
Yahoo reorganizes Enterprise Instant Messaging
IM cuts in on Email: The Sooner the Better
Social Networking Played Up in WSJ
Seen at Starbucks: SMS for Coffee Order
War of the Stacks: Another Round
WiredRed Adds Web Conferencing
CBS Marketwatch: Instant Dominance?
CBS Marketwatch: Instant Dominance?
Jabber Inc Releases Persistent Chat
Microsoft Granted IM Patent
Network Magazine IM RFP article
FaceTime and Oracle Application Server Portal
ActiveBuddy: Riding the Self-Help Wave
Don't Text and Drive
Userplane's A/V Instant Communicator
Lotus Notes 6.5 Release With IM Planned This Month
Cracking the Social Code
Friction in the Value Chain: Information as Lubricant
Securing IM: Encryption in Public Networks
Oracle's Angle: Second Generation First Time Out
Mo'time: IM-enabled Blogging
FIMA Announces Public Website
IM interview with Carl Tyler, CTO Instant Technologies re: Lotus
Traction reviewed by Rafe Needleman
Jon Udell: iChat AV, iSight, and FlashCom
BAM -- Fly or Die?
Collaboration Explosion: The Rise of Communication Chain Management
Merger of Blogs and IM
Email Dialog with Howard Liptzin, of Motime
Bill Seitz is Timeless
Beyond Collaboration: Immediacy
AOL Journals: Blogging for AOLers
t-six-ten: Mobile Photography Journal
Fungibility of Online Identity: Guys sells his Friendster Network for $4
More on AOL Journals
WSJ Article re: IM Standards
Oracle Getting Somewhere with Collaboration Suite?
Digital Camera Mobile Phones: Why Buy The Magazine?
WSJ Bot on AOL
Intuit Tech Support Horror
Yahoo and Webex: Countering Microsoft
AOL and IMlogic partner: First Certified AOL Instant Messager Partner
Trepia: Geographic Proximity and Socializing

EgoSurf: Know Your Place
Jabber.org Releases Open VoIP and Multimedia Protocols
Yahoo Announces Phone Calls Integrated With Messenger
Thank You, Michael Drenchen: Phone Woes Resolved
Susan Mernit on The Quote Of The Day at Hypercamp Day 2
Why I Hate Sony Ericsson and Cingular
Mobile Growth Not Slowing Yet
Skype has been sold
eBay to buy Skype?
Lee Holz On Subway Wanker
The growth in Skype slowing?
More on Google Talk
A Fragmented Instant Messaging World: An End In Skype?
12 million Skype enterprise users
More cell than landlines in US
Motorola Ojo: No Possible Way
Yahoo buys dialpad
Yahoo does VoIP
Skype targets enterprise users with new partnership
VoIP and the CRTC
Mathieu Balez On The Good God Google
Skype: be afraid
Henshall Ecstatic About Skype 1.1 Beta
Ray Ozzie and Jeffrey Citron: Telephone Companies Don't Get It
Vonage and Viseon Broadband Videophone
Vamsi Sistla On The Coming Convergence of IM and VoIP
Skype/Kazaa Partnership: The Devil's Bargain?
Istanbul Out Of The Closet
Microsoft Entering the VOiP Market with LCS?
Skpye In Your Hand(held)
Corante Real-Time Collaboration Experience at Inbox East: Atlanta 19 Nov 2004
Fahrenheit FBI
Dan Gilmor on FBI Wiretap Nonsense
Consumer VOIP Emerging
SpeechBot - Indexing Audio Conversations
Skype + Kazaa = Government Regulation of VoIP?
Cost of Inflight Access: Skyhigh
Skype Raises $18.8M in Series B
Yahoo and BT: IM-to-POTS
Going Wireless
Verizon To Offer Discounted Airfone Services
Henshall on Skype and Flickr
Pulver On FCC Ruling Re: Free World Dialup
Buddylinks Trickery = IM Adware
Internet Phone Calls More Like IM Than POTS
T-Mobile USA Adopts OZ
Spectel and Bantu Partnering: More Convergence in Real-Time Communication
Big Brother Department
New Internet Telephony
IM Interoperability in France
David Weinberger on Skype: IM or Telephone
Communicator Inc. announces Hub Connex
Fly The Friendly Skies of United
Skype: Peer-to-Peer Audio and Text IM
Wireless Communication on Planes: A Near Term Thing?

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